“Unleashing the power of your business with technology”


At LAN Creation we listen and work closely with your business to overcome stumbling blocks that are affecting productivity, professionalism and profit margins. Our team have the scalability, experience and expertise to respond to your unique challenges and future requirements. We project manage, integrate and implement solutions to help grow your business and stay ahead of your competitors.

Vendor-neutrality – while we have strong relationships with many market leaders in hosted cloud, network, hardware, software, security and backup solutions, we will only implement technologies that best suit our clients unique business requirements.

Cloud services are growing rapidly in Australia and becoming the technology of choice in the development of efficient business IT services. Due to shared resources and often subscription based pricing models, Cloud Computing can be very cost effective compared to possibly large upfront costs of locally installed systems.

Cloud Computing eliminates the need for local IT infrastructure by moving Messaging, Data Storage, Line of Business (LOB) applications and data transfer activities online – “in the cloud”. Accessing services remotely via the internet offers the ability to connect to these shared resources anywhere, anytime.

Our team has been providing cloud based Messaging, Security, Online File Storage, Internet Connectivity and Offsite Back Up Redundancy services for many years. Our Cloud services have rapidly expanded with the release of various Microsoft cloud services including Office 365 which is perfect for many small to large business.

Plain English Translation:

Cloud Computing is the storing of data or accessing applications over the internet rather than from your local computer’s hard drive.

On-premises solutions provide highly customisable options that can greatly enhance end-user experience. There are some applications still today that are simply not available for Cloud Computing and likely won’t be for some time.  Speed and cost of internet to access the online data within Cloud services is still a huge issue for many parts of Australia.

As the costs and speed of Internet continues to come down with the implementation of NBN rollout, we see many business benefiting from Hybrid solutions.  Hybrid Solutions combine On-Premises with Cloud Solutions to maximise the available features and versatility of both.

Our team offer a wide range of solutions from Server, Network, Security & Storage Solutions. We are certified Microsoft Small Business and Technology Specialists and have been actively implementing this technology for over 15 years.

Plain English Translation:

On-Premises is the storing of data or accessing applications within your local office. 

Still confused about whether to be Cloud, On-Premises, or even Hybrid?

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LAN Creation is experienced in identifying all these constraints and making sure our clients are offered suitable solutions based on their business needs, budget, future growth and current infrastructure available in their location.

The phrase “loss of business data” is feared amongst all business owners as it usually results in a negative impact to your reputation, productivity and/or continuity. The ability of an organisation to recover from system failure is vital. Our team will ensure your risk is minimised and implement strategy and infrastructure to avoid this situation happening to you.

Examples of Data Management Solutions

  • Secure, protect and back up your company data.
  • Recover data quickly to maximize business.
  • Create archival storage off-site or in remote locations.
  • Engage in Fault Tolerant technologies.
  • Options to backup data virtually anywhere.
  • Establish best practice data retention guidelines.
  • Review and Monitor Internet Usage and E-mail management.

Plain English Translation:

Trust the LAN Creation team to make sure you don’t lose data by putting systems in place. Don’t worry, we will manage those systems when on a Support Plan. We understand and are part of your business remember!

As your business grows, so will your IT requirements. As your trusted IT support service provider we make sure your IT systems can handle predicted growth projections, feature enhancements and ensure system stability. Our team will give you the information you need to make the right decisions when investing in IT for your business.

Plain English Translation:

There may many more options than simply out with the old, in with the new. Let us help you work out what is best for your business.

Leveraging the acclaimed Microsoft Windows Server platforms, Remote Desktop Service Solutions enable us to securely activate user desktops, software application and file accessibility, regardless of your location, anywhere in the world.

We ensure your connections are optimised for very thin bandwidth connections, catering for locations with only mobile data coverage. Our third party key partners such as Citrix, ThinPrint and Ericom Blaze will further compress and optimise your connection ensuring improved performance for the end user desktop experience. A Remote Desktop (Terminal) Server could be hosted in one or our Cloud data centres or installed locally within your office network.

Plain English Translation:

To allow you to work from anywhere in the world just like you do when sitting in your office chair at work. 

At LAN Creation we can consolidate your servers into the one physical hardware server. We can increase the physical server utilisation to maximise your return on investment. We will supply hardware, ongoing maintenance, ensure environmental cooling, power and a suitable location for housing. As with every solution our team provides, we are able to achieve these outcomes using the Cloud or On-Premise solutions.

Plain English Translation:

Servers contain all of your valuable information. You may not know it but your organisation might be using multiple server hardware boxes. We can suss this situation out for you and possibly reduce the number of boxes but still allow you to expand as your needs grow.

The Internet has become the conduit for business interconnectivity on a global scale. Our team understands that you rely on an internet connection for communication, research, intelligence, interaction with suppliers, online banking and many more…the reasons are now endless. We can make your online working world more secure.

It is obvious that security measures are required to safeguard against outside threats. Some of the ways that we have you covered include:

  • Firewalls, router, proxy, NAT technologies.
  • Virtual private networks (VPN).
  • System Audits and regular review.
  • Messaging encryption.
  • Anti-Virus Malware Trojan protection.
  • Spam email protection.
  • Complex password enforcement, password expiry, lockout.
  • Active Directory Group policy lock down.
  • File security access rights.
  • Trusted Platform Module (TPM), BitLocker storage security.
  • Microsoft Network Access Protection (NAP).

Plain English Translation:

We can help reduce your business risks when working online.