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LAN Creation Support

So how does the LAN Creation team support seamless IT in your business? We offer a range of Support Packages, Plans and Services. These solutions have been put together to ensure you get the right type of support, that not only gets you out of immediate trouble, but offers a preventative ongoing approach to IT in your business.

Let’s look at a few options:

Remote Support – our engineers, with your permission, will access your systems from our own offices to assess the issue and provide a solution. This flexible solution is perfect for mobile businesses, consulting services and anyone that needs urgent diagnostic and repair.

Onsite Support – our engineers are able to visit you at your location. This solution is often preferred by clients that would like to spend some time going through the issue experienced in person and for work on physical servers and systems.

Support Plans

Our support plans have been designed to cover dedicated bulk time spent on the IT systems in your business, at a discounted rate, with a two year relationship commitment. We call this a Service Agreement and the rates we charge are outlined on our Rate Card, so you will always know just how much to budget for each year when it comes to IT management for your business. We will ask you to sign a mutually beneficial non-disclosure agreement, which protects your confidential business information explicitly.

Some of the general services requested in the tailor made Support Plans are;

• Desktop PC Support
• Server/LAN/WAN Support
• After Hours and Emergency Services
• Email support
• Team training
• Unscheduled onsite service call outs
• Project management
• Hardware and Software procurement
• Priority response time
• Access to a network of local IT partners and contractors
• Annual planning session
• Annual IT audit

Services without a Support Plan

LAN Creation also offers IT services on an adhoc basis. This means we are able to do “one off” IT services for you in your business, without the long term relationship commitments. This service also provides an opportunity for you to experience our skills and expertise first hand – prior to solidifying the relationship. Trust us, once our clients experience the high quality service and solutions that LAN Creation provide, you will want an ongoing relationship with us.