Over past six months, we have had many clients who have their website hosting with other providers not aware that their contact form on their company website is no longer working.

The main reasons we have found to cause the contact forms to be broken are due to back-end website updates on hosting platforms. Updates to tighten security or add new features to plugins have broken functionality of how the contact forms were originally designed to work. We have found this becoming increasingly prevalent in clients with Hosted Exchange email platforms like Office 365.

Usually not huge issues for your web designers to fix if they know it is broken. What we have observed is many clients do not have monitoring of these updates, or regular testing of their website and contact forms. So the issue can be unnoticed for many months until someone finally chases up with company why they have had no contact yet.

We recommend you jump onto your website today, fill out a contact form enquiry on your site and make sure you get the intended response. If not, contact your web designer or website hoster for immediate assistance.

If you like, you can contact LAN Creation to help you as well if you would like independent advice or thinking about changing your Web Hosting or Web Designer for your website.