We have been working hard this week trying to prevent a new combination of Ransomware phishing emails hitting your mailboxes.

I would be keen to hear if any of you received this Fake AGL message in any form in your company mailbox that is managed by LAN Creation and our various vendors line of defenses.

I have provided a sample of the Fake AGL email below, but it comes in many variations.  It has infected hundreds of users around Australia in past 3 days.  Please be on lookout for this and any other suspect emails especially as we get closer to the end of financial year.  Expect to see an outbreak of new Tax office ATO emails as well very soon.  And of course we still see regular spikes in phishing emails from Australian Post, other well-known Australian couriers, Australian Federal Police, Infringement notices, etc.


Do not click on any links in this email above.

But if you did, you would be redirected to a page similar to below


Once you do, the page will download a .zip file containing malicious code. The Torrent locker that executes after this will lock every file on your local hard drive, any backup USB drives connected and scan your network for any other file shares you may have access to.

From that point forward, you need to restore from a backup or pay ransom $$$ (no guarantee after you pay, that you will get all your data back)



If you have any questions regarding how to protect your organisation against Ransomware, please contact us.